Hiệp hội HDV du lịch Đông Nam Á (SEATGA)

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Hiệp hội HDV du lịch Đông Nam Á (SEATGA)

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The south East Asia of Tourist Guide Associations or SEATGA was formed in 2nd December 2004 when Presidents from tourist guide associations of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia Lao PDR, Viet Nam gathered in its first ever - ASEAN Tourist Guide on training standard sponsored by EC - ASEAN Cooperation Program on standards Quality and Conformity Assessment at Inna Kuta Beach Hotel Bali, Indonesia November 30 - December 02, 2004 to discuss issues pertinent to the Competence Standard on tourist guides.

The seed idea of the initial meeting was for guide peers to share the knowledge and experience garnered from working in diverse areas across the ASEAN Countries, so Tourist guides may better understand trends and challenges in local, national and regional tourism. The on - going focus and commitment of the SEATGA is to promote effective training and continuing education, while upholding a strict code of ethics and demonstrating the highest degree of professionalism.

It is essential that guides welcome visitors and act in such a way as to bring credit to the ASEAN, and their local area while promoting their country, region and city as desirable tourist destinations.

Tourist guides are the frontline tourism professionals, who act as good-will ambassadors to throngs of domestic and international visitors who visit our cities and our nation. Formation of the SEATGA was just the first step towards the promotion of the visibility and importance of using professional, trained guides.

SEATGA, THE SOUTH EAST ASIA OF TOURIST GUIDE ASSOCIATIONS is a not for profit, non political organization which groups together, around the ASEAN tourist guide associations; individual tourist guides where no association exists; tourism partners of both the SEATGA and member associations; educational institutes in tourism for tourist guides; convention and visitors bureau and affiliate members who have direct or indirect association with tourist guides.

Và website của Hiệp hội: http://www.seatga.org
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